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This was a New War

It has a new scale of reference
vast, vicious and unforgiving
death for millions will be anonymous
machine gun arbitrary and indiscriminate
shelled and shocked, barraged and buried
no whole corpse to recognise as human
no remains to mourn and grieve
just rich blood and bone for Poppies
growing strong in the Flanders’ fields.

Landscape resculpted to barest bone
earth desecrated and destroyed
every old tree and young bush uprooted
tossed like feathers to the blackened sky
debris swirling in the clouds of poison
gas and the putrid stench of burning flesh
in pyres that smoke and stink for days
just fertile ash and dust for Poppies
growing strong in the Flanders’ fields.

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We live in a wired and weird world

where meanings of our words

are paper-thin tissue and torn

tarnished and worn by wear and War.


© M.L.Emmett


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Spring Offensive

There you are again
with your face of winter
back rachetted straight
lips lost in a vicious line
eyes telescoping into points of ice
voice gathering strength
as it bites into my still pulsing heart.
Cold and clear, aiming
certain and sure
machine gun rattle of syllables
hurled into the space between us.
You hate me
and you wish me dead
and gone.

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