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Summer Solstice


The cram of stars in the navy-night

blue-light of summer solstice.


The majestic zodiac sprawled

across the ever-stretching sky.


Ancient definitions of myth

star-stories of pre-determined fate


mapped in the moment and place

of our birthing; such fantasies


such imaginings of stellar systems

and mankind’s significance.


Heavens and humours; rules and rights

from Gods to kings and subjects


All settled in an ordered Universe

until, curiosity, ingenuity and invention


observation and record, rigor and Science

with its license to question freedom.

© M.L.Emmett



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Black Hole Family

The relationship between my family
and the ideal was the same
as a black hole to a star.

We burned out at the centre
yet still we shared
the same dark energy.

Dark energy blue

who could not escape
each other.

We continued to orbit,
even slid by
each other

at regular intervals
avoiding connection
at all cost.


final revision 16/02/2016



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