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Devotion ~ For Molly ~

There cannot ever be, for me

an emotional peak so high

and beyond all other experience

so much my own, entirely.

A speechless secret, my unsaid words

preserving its wonderful wholeness

the not-telling, keeping it so precious

too precious for me, I fear, to shatter

the silence of its perfection.


The blood bond between us

holds no hidden barriers

in this amniotic floating universe

shock-absorbing all the outer world

nutrient rich, nourishing your growth.

My voice vibrating, rippling

in your sonic breathless bubble.

My body, in all its actions

and motions, marking your time

rolling and turning your shaping.


Your rhythm pressing my organs

punching and kicking, demanding space

Immersed in my body’s womb-core

snuggling safe and deeply nestled

in our sheer and utter intimacy.

I give you all I’ll ever have

my blood, my breath, my everything

beyond all my knowing and imagining

this is a devotion most terrible and sublime.


© M.L.Emmett 2016

Cavity Chaos laser light


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Remembering You Again

For my brother, Martin

I’m going to sling your memory
over my shoulder
back pack you round the world

slide you on to station platforms
alongside the passing panorama of footsteps
that echo on that slice of cold cement

tuck you into airplane lockers
overhead the sleeping flyers
in that metal coffin in the ice cream clouds

nestle you among bus luggage
beneath the picture windows
and the ribbon racing road

I will unpack you in every village
every town and every city
in every land and nation

on every continent and land mass
crossing the oceans and seas
catching every wave and tide

circling the earth on winds and breezes
following sunsets and solar eclipses
and every cycle of the moon

until I find a place of resting
until I find a place of peace
until I find a place of peace

© M.L.Emmett

Written for my brother, Martin.
Died 26th April 2007 by his own hand in a Bluebell Wood

bluebell sunrise


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Sonnet CXXX ~ My Lover’s Eyes










My lover’s eyes no longer navy pools
bleached paler by years of beating sun
His nose over facial dominion rules
and skin with liver spots is overrun
A dandelion man, confused and tall,
a long thin stem and a puff of white hair
Unsteady gait, joints need an overhaul
the crack and creak of cartilage wear
His views are fixed and often dogmatic
expressed in cold voice with power and force
He never cares to be diplomatic
preferring a more a belligerent course
Yet, he is my love and ever shall be
as long as the tides rush in from the sea.

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