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The Big Mama Goth

Gothic Dark Soul







Big Mama Goth with ready smile
that hides the gritted teeth and steady bile
that slides across your tongue.

No man to warm your bed
or suck that darkness settled in your head
or draw the poison from the wound.

You spin the web and catch your prey
You reel them in day after day
Your praises must be sung

The weak, the lost, the old and those alone
you hypnotise with sweet and deadly tone
the hiss not heard beneath the dulcet sound.

Your anger adder is wrapped around you tight
but slithers out from your dress of night
and spits its venom with sudden spurt.

The randomness of these attacks
Alerts some to carefully watch their backs
Become resistant to the pain and hurt.

To work with you means to live your lies
Pretend its the truth and avert their eyes
To confront your bullying too profound

So you fool the foolish with gossip and rumour
All mixed in with your sickly sweet humour
As you bite again your vicious tongue

But Big Mama Goth your power is draining
Your audience numbers are sadly waning

© M.L.Emmett


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