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Flying with Fury

We drive back slowly
along roads widening
with emptiness.

House appears
tall windows gaping
black eyes.

Gravel sprays
machine gun patter
as we arc and stop

Door opens
for breath

Another solemn black
stick person
pity-pored and forgiving

I could slap her face
kick her shins
punch squarely her solar plexus

flying with fury
soaring like a street fighter
in Hong Kong.

She would smile weakly
that sickening look locked in her eyes
and say inanely “I’m so sorry for your loss, Dear.”

First published in Blue Giraffe, October 2006
© M.L.Emmett



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Spring Offensive

There you are again
with your face of winter
back rachetted straight
lips lost in a vicious line
eyes telescoping into points of ice
voice gathering strength
as it bites into my still pulsing heart.
Cold and clear, aiming
certain and sure
machine gun rattle of syllables
hurled into the space between us.
You hate me
and you wish me dead
and gone.

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