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We live in a wired and weird world

where meanings of our words

are paper-thin tissue and torn

tarnished and worn by wear and War.


© M.L.Emmett



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The Other Side of Words

abstract artwork with writing, artwork is created and painted by myself

On the other side of words

beyond adjectives and metaphors

beyond comparisons

and differences

beyond actions and tenses of verbs

and  even beyond the definition of noun-names

there, the dead are asleep

in a wordless ever-night

a never-light, twilight

on the other side of words.


© M.L.Emmett



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In the realm of rumour
wise men suggest
when it is dark enough
you will see the stars

In the fury and the mire of human veins
fragments of dreams and memories
used to spring loose

from my crowded mind
unsettled, darting dreams
shouting slogans in the noisy air.

In the kingdom
of saliva and dust
I have ceased to dream

And soon
I will soon cease
to exist.

© M.L.Emmett 07/02/99 revised 16/02/2016

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Poetry knitting

Poems are skeins of wool waiting

to be knitted

and pearled by readers.

© M.L.Emmett

knitting woman

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Drilling for Eloquence








I want to drill for eloquence
that oil that seeps
easily out of her lips
every time she speaks

I want to pump it
in pristine, perfect pipes
around Australia

So even in the bush,
people can sound
like 18th or 19th Century,
top of the League Table,
English poets.

We’ll seem polite and genteel
educated, even erudite.
We’ll hold moments
remembered in tranquility.

We’ll think of Grecian urns,
Kubla Khan in Xanadu
as an every day affair

Conversations will naturally turn
to La Belle Dame Sans Merci
Or Mort d’Arthur

Syrup, sweet word music
will fall softer than petals
blown from roses on the grass

Passions will be expressed
without exposing flesh.

© M.L.Emmett

SA Writers’ Centre: Humorous Poetry Competition, 2010
Winner as judged by Jude Aquilina

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