Devotion ~ For Molly ~

There cannot ever be, for me

an emotional peak so high

and beyond all other experience

so much my own, entirely.

A speechless secret, my unsaid words

preserving its wonderful wholeness

the not-telling, keeping it so precious

too precious for me, I fear, to shatter

the silence of its perfection.


The blood bond between us

holds no hidden barriers

in this amniotic floating universe

shock-absorbing all the outer world

nutrient rich, nourishing your growth.

My voice vibrating, rippling

in your sonic breathless bubble.

My body, in all its actions

and motions, marking your time

rolling and turning your shaping.


Your rhythm pressing my organs

punching and kicking, demanding space

Immersed in my body’s womb-core

snuggling safe and deeply nestled

in our sheer and utter intimacy.

I give you all I’ll ever have

my blood, my breath, my everything

beyond all my knowing and imagining

this is a devotion most terrible and sublime.


© M.L.Emmett 2016

Cavity Chaos laser light


Filed under Anatomy & Physiology, Family, Feminism, Hope, Love, New Child, Poem

3 responses to “Devotion ~ For Molly ~

  1. Having now read this, I wonder if I should have used the word Devotion in a latest piece… This truly defines the word. Written with your whole being it seems. Immaculate!


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