Sea Loving

bodies-entwined amy goddard

When we are making love –
mouth, breast, chest and sweat
genitals joined in circles and loops
of whole bodies – curlicues

coming together, joining
land edge and sea rush
tidal, our vast ocean.

After, we drift away in our minds
our flesh still held hostage
still, our bodies linger close

until the whole earth is silent
and we quietly release each other
becoming two selves, flat on the sheet

skin, side by side beating with heat
sharp and tingling
with the taste of salt.

We are all made of water…


Filed under Love, Poem

8 responses to “Sea Loving

  1. agree, pictures makes it much better 🙂


  2. We really are made of water. Beautifully woven words of passion.


  3. sensual and sensitive words. truly poetic.


  4. I always suspected you were withholding many gems. A lot of classy work you’re allowing us to taste. Thank you 🙂


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