The Alchemy of Loss

The jet black coal-smeared dawn
of days afterwards
of starless nights
and moonlesss nights
of deep dark darkness
thick and sticky
pitch and oil
dirty days of charred wood
and ash.

That scouring whiteness
that etching acid purity
of white heat metal days
The crisp starched sun-scented
wind sail sheet
smoothed flat peace flag days.
That white marble slab cool
blanched forensic world
of questions and answers.

The sunset rusty reddening
pain deadening
leeching of the scarlet wash
crimson and vermilion
ruby berries and rose blush
blood tear letting
letting go.

No lead for gold – no alchemy here
No runes or trickery – no book of spells
No steady path of transformation
Just the heavy hollowed wreath
that black, white and red tricolour
of grief.

© M.L.Emmett


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