Remembering You

Sky in puddle






for my brother, Martin

I’m going to sling your memory
over my shoulder
back pack you round the world

slide you on to station platforms
beside the passing panorama of footsteps
echoing on slices of cold cement

tuck you into airplane lockers
overhead the sleeping flyers
in that metal coffin in the ice cream clouds

nestle you among bus luggage
beneath the picture windows
and the ribbon-racing road

I will unpack you in every village
every town and every city
in every land and every nation

on every continent and land mass
crossing vast oceans and seas
catching every wave and ebbing tide

circle the earth on winds and breezes
following sunsets and solar eclipses
and every cycle of the moon

until I find a place of resting
until I find a place
until I find peace

© M.L.Emmett


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Filed under Death, Grief, Peace, Poem, Travel

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