Leadlight Man

on an Oil painting by John Brack

Chiselled planes of his warm brown face
an arid landscape of scarred reddened earth
parched dry.

His fragile knobble-knuckled hand
grasps skeletonic and tight
arched glass

Those ancient eyes have seen too much
they are closed to the raw distractions of time
and sight.

This is the pure pleasure of an iced cold beer
taste that passes as communion
thirst quenched

Neck stretched to drain the bitter dregs
Pale yellow wash behind the silhouette
hat perched.

A prayer is answered and all is forgiven
the liquid benediction of saint caught
in leadlight.

Leadlight Man




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August 7, 2014 · 12:03 am

One response to “Leadlight Man

  1. A good word seamstress. Thanks for sharing this.


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