Hot Boys

Marlon on bike









Hot boys express emotion
in the resonance and width of their exhausts
in pipe dreams of measurement
in the rev and roar of super heated motors
mixing spark and sensibility
in the sudden screech and stretch of rubber
marking asphalt and bitch-u-men
out there in the middle ground
where the road humps.

Hot boys light up the night with high beams
cruise the darkest alleyways of masculinity
challenging old men at intersections –
in their soft leather seats and euroneat boxes
of air-conditioned luxury and debt –
to pole position and the chequered flag of fortune.

Hot boys in cars that throb with bass notes
and bootylicious chick lyrics –
sung by black boys wicked in the zone
always bragging ’bout their bone
and how they make the bitch moan –
snarl abuse at walking women
fragile objects on the pavement shelves
shaped colour lost in time
that pass beyond their touch and reach.

Hot boys are tiny traces of an oil rich mixture
trailing blue smoke in their wake
foot to the floor high stakes, top geared no brakes
as they snake round the hills and the hairpin bends
as they wrap tight trees at the crash, crush end
and the hot boys cool in the night.


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