2nd Prize Winner in the John Bray Roman Poetry Prize

Coroner’s Epigram ~ Darwin 2012

(On the death of a daughter)

The death I must pronounce upon

For you, parents, the wait was long

Across this land unjustly tried

Your silence only proof you lied.

In pitch darkness, dragged overland

By Dingo jaws and human hand

Guilty and gaoled, she would have read

In her sixth year, were she not dead

Just six weeks, never spoke a word

Now flies the night, free as a bird

Over deserts ochre and red

On Uluru she rests her head

Wakens and plays in sunlight stark

Darts in rock shadows, cool and dark

In Rainbow Spirit surely trust

She lies lightly in sand and dust.

In the style of Martial in Epigram 5.34


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Filed under Australian Poetry, Death, Poem

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